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714 mickey 9   Mickey’s space ship shuttle

San Clemente, Huntington Beach, LAX Airport, and Orange County John Wayne Airport, Irvine

Some pictures of great days with mickey and the custom family green tours

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We go to the Discount disney store %70 off all disney stuff, real stuff, to malibu and secret places that only mickey can go. You can go any where you want when you want for as little $ as you want, just ask and see what we can do for you and your family, please ask us 310 514-0010 - just look at these happy faces, and think we will not get the swine flue with our own family.
Email us now please. thank you. Please e-mail mickey’s hit the SYNTRIVITY below to send an e-mail.  thank you - 
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This is the best doctor in Anaheim and the L.A. area to go too. Dr. Beshai, is from egypt and a comprehensive general practice. His visits are only $25 for in room, and see and tell. This is a great deal if you travel and are in the area. The phone number is on the sign and i assure you you will be looked after no matter who you are very well in deed. go see him. mickey

CHECK OUT THE FLU NEWS:    http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/general_info.htm -      WE PLAY SAFE - GO A BETTER WAY!

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