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FREE Birthday shuttle to Disneyland & LAX- with passenger count of 3 persons. 
 GO a “better way to Disneyland”! 
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Call for family discounts: 714 642 5399 quality service! E-Mail Reservations: ( mickeysss@me.com )       
We are better than Super Shuttle, Uber, Gray Line & Disneyland resort Express!
ANAHEIM AREA Convention & Park hotels Airports, ADULTS $22, Children $15, ALL return $15 with 24HR., reservation Disneyland Anaheim Airport Shuttle & New free Polo Tours with airport drop off combined
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Trip Planning and lodging ideas large and small - bring sun-berella while in line.
 Below: Tree at the beverly hills hotel citrus gardens & family tour.

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Also: Anaheim, San Clemente, John Wayne Airport, Longbeach Airport, Huntington Beach, Buena Park

Irvine Transportation Center, Disneyland, Tours, shopping, Sea World, L.A. or S.D. ZOO, 

 Malibu, Point Dume, Hollywood, Universal City, Rodeo Drive, Zuma beach, Venice beach, ( private family tours ) 
Rainbow Bar & grill, Beverly Hills Hotel lunch at the poolside with stars...!

Paul Getty Museum www.getty.edu/museum, Observatory http://www.griffithobs.org,

Small Vans are safer & have best prices:   Accolade - family and group reservations:

If you do not have a family or group coupon ask:


Click here for E mail family value reservations

If you book at these hotels we shall give you a

discount ride to the park:

Tell them mickey sent you, low cost HOTELS we recommend:

Anaheimmaingateinn.com    1 (714) 533-2500 tell them mickey sent you for a good deal.


                OR WE do what you only dream of:

www.beverlyhillshotel.comThis is a place to remember the rest of your life. As they say at the hotel, TIME OF YOUR LIFE KID! We can book you here and this is the best in the world. five star! best. No hotel in the world is better. We give you a ride from the hotel to disneyland and back. This is the best place in the world!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbMpCSDQviM When you watch this video click x on lower right side to stop advertisement.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beverly_Hills_Hotel,          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Beverly_Hills_Hotel,_1911_drawing.jpg

NOTE: This is important, It is not safe to stay any where in the L.A. or O.C. county area but Anaheim and Beverly hills. It is best to stay at these two places to be safe and travel to and from them. Down town L.A. and Hollywood are dangerous to walk at night and also in most places day time. Trust us, Anaheim has a crime alert net work that we are members. Anaheim is the safest place in all L.A. & O.C. to stay. Do not listen to travel agents, paid more for hosting you at hard to do areas for more money.  Also tour and airport companies that give the travel agents kick backs and you take 1 hour to go to 40 hotels in town. These big bus companies hold 48 passengers and take many hotels to load and unload. This takes more time & more money.              

                                    Go a better way”!

Call us, we will tell you why we think these commonly used hotels are a good stay. We service you as if you are our family. Family escort custom tours and rides. One stop shop. We cater to big families and convention groups, high school groups, with rides and hotels if needed. We can suggest hotels with full kitchens and some next to the park. We can get discounts for most parks and  services do to the 200,000 persons serviced by us since 1988. Call us and ask for coupons for discounts for U-City, Sea World, Zoo, Etc.

Our tours are magnificent, big look at Los Angeles area, stay with our vans and stay away from swine flu, with only you on board, not with 48 persons and children screaming all day as you are told, if you do not come back in time, we leave you to take a $100 cab back from the tour. We have seen many families left behind to look after themselves by the big bus tours. sad but true. Our tours are real, and we see stars many times we go where we have worked hard to be worthy to go. We can with a little work take you to the beverly hills hotel for lunch. This cost $20 extra for parking and it will cost about $20 per person. But you will run into someone that will blow your mind. Many stars are seen, George Clooney last week - sharon osbourne, Leo De Caprio.

You do what you want in your tour - 10 hours. Ergo:

Malibu,- Here check out malibu: http://beaches.co.la.ca.us/BandH/Beaches/Malibu.htm

Also amazing Point Dume, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Point_Dume_State_Beach

WE do what you only dream of. We can take you to a grocery store, help you get a doctor and take you there to make sure that your child has only the flu and not swine flu as we just did for a man and daughter that could not tell. They were about to get on a plane to Australia, not knowing if they would be stopped. We obtained a doctor’s note that allowed them to show she was OK and only did not have enough water in her.

Keep your kids hydrated! and look both ways when you cross the street this is the most dangerous part of the visit if you have left hand drive!!!!. Crossing the street very serious.

    Regular reservation E-mail: Mickeysss@me.com      

            FREE Birthday rides with minimum passenger count of 3 persons.

we give rides from hotels to the parks as well as universal city, sea world, disneyland etc.

Do our custom tour and airport drop off combination, this is the bees knees to please.

Have lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel before going to the airport and relax with stars.

E-mail us and ask questions we respond each day thank you.

Note: we only take cash and you pay as you go. If  you do not like

the service you do not have to pay. This makes you always right!

Safe and in control at all times to see that we are honest & true.

Please consider now a days do not give your credit card to anyone.


  Email us hit mickeysss@me.com
LAX, John Wayne -Airports
email us with reservation:
 “Free tickets on Polo Tour”
Load under green sign at LAX airport belowmailto:mickeysss@me.com?subject=email%20subject

mickey’s space ship shuttle:  disneyland airport shuttle and tours. Convention rides. best yet! - How many persons, How many persons 10 years old and under, the date, time, am or pm, the airline, the airport. This must be planned before the email reservation is requested below. We also have hotels and tours that are part of a package that may be forwarded to you, as well as facts and ideas for your visit to make it fun and easy. How many baby seats needed? bring smallest umbrella for sun safe park line waiting. Click the line above the phone number to make your reservation by e-mail: We need your cell number please, pay as you go cash. Beware, Keep your credit card safe! Use cash. Any questions call 714 642 5399, or put in e-mail.  We only take cash as you go then you can never say you were trapped. we love you.  

e-mail, below~ Date, time of arrival, am or pm, amount of persons, airport, airline, how many kids.

If you do not have a family or group coupon ask:

Click here for E mail family Reservations mickeysss@me.com

or phone 714 642 5399  Tell us what you want, we shall email you back.

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         Green Tours CNG gas vehicles clean air, to Universal City,  Hollywood, Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills Hotel, Malibu, Zuma Beach, Point Dume stars homes, Venice Beach, Clothes shopping at It’s a Wrap, from movies and Soap Operas, Discount Disney Store %70 off the real stuff only Mickey’s Space Ship Shuttle can do this,  we do it right! Rock stars at the Rainbow Bar & Grill  Economical food and fun! Mickey’s space ship shuttle : Since 1988,  TCP 5244-S.   

Vans are safer by far they                                         are Vantastic!

Please consider our company for your family fun, we work hard to make our older vehicles safe, no rain no rust here in L.A. for we think and know that when we replace all the old parts with new ones that they will work safer than new vehicles for we have tested and replaced them ourselves. This is safer only the body of the vehicle has aged the parts are new on the frame under, like coca cola trucks they last for ever and run better than new ones, they are untested and who knows what will happen? Just as the UPS trucks work better than new ones we know what we have and we know what is under our frame. thank you mickey :-) Fed X has now taken the same design. It is safer.

NOTE: Below are pictures of our competitor Gray Line, or Disneyland Express, also the Anaheim transit bus to the right they have problems burning down. We feel that it is needed to show these pictures of our competition so as to allow the truth to be known. Truth is truth... March 17, 2008 the big bus run to LAX Airport caught on fire all 20 persons survived, all luggage was lost as well as a wheel chair. Go to 91 Freeway bus fire O.C. Register Cerritos on GOOGLE. Thank you MSSS- best! Big buses are dangerous! Google, bus wrecks fires? This is not our company. Mickey’s do not use these big buses, we are safe and maintain our vehicles well. The buses to the right burn’t.  Not ours. Monopoly.

Some times we go on tours to the stars on stage, here’s Jay Leno with Mickey’s Tours. The funniest man in the world with the funniest cars in the world, thanks Jay your the best!

BUS BLOG: please note: The Anaheim Transit 4/8/09, 7:30 am Orange Wood and harbor another fire from one of the Gray Line buses. Cause unknown to date. The Anaheim Fire Department had it out in 4 hours. Possible gas tank danger. Go to: 91 freeway bus fire for March 17, 08 big bus to airport fire total loss as well. A new bus has new problems that are a mystery, old ones have solved them. Go Mickey’s! Safe as milk. not chinese milk.

This is a new bus that burn’t owned by gray line, PCST, Coach USA. changed name again after this. They are all over seas owned.

we compete with gray line, here’s 4  buses broken down & burnt for them. which is safer? Them or us?

please consider that these big buses are not

safe, they have no seat belts, as you can see they catch on fire very easy and frequently.

These are real pictures from the Anaheim bus company that is a monopoly in the area.

Please support our company. Our vans are older but every part is new. They do not look safe to some but they are better than new ones for we know what is on the frame.

This allows us confidence in the parts. It is harder to catch the swine flue with less persons. This makes your ride private and for a small amount or even less price to do so. We thank you for your mind time. mickey.  Go a BETTER way! Trust us.

This is the second time we - this group got on stage with Jay, note the picture in his hand is from the first time and he signed it. We now will go to both shows - his is new. We boldly go where no one has gone before!


To the right: Disney store big savings!

This store will save you a lot of money. http://www.ams-liquidation.comWe get %20 off that which is already %50 off. This is the first stop of our family escort private tours for the same price as the cattle tours from the big buses. Go to page 2 slide show!

We also go to “IT’s A Wrap”

shopping that will blow your mind. Wardrobe from the movies.

THIS IS SHOPPING MEGA fun with low cost. www.itsawraphollywood.com check it out on the web.

This place is like rodeo drive shopping with free $$$.

These buses brake down, we think you should know this! sorry but true.

Here’s a family having pizza the best! Eat with the stars of hollywood. Below.


adult night life after 9 pm family time for rock stars and families  6 pm to 9 pm. included in our daily tours if you wish.  below in red. pizza time.

This is the airport disneyland express bus of gray line’s to LAX. 2008

This is the rear of gray line’s airport express bus that caught fire on the way to LAX airport

march, 17. 08

This is the Disneyland Express bus that caught fire on the way to LAX airport all luggage was lost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At Airport:CALL 310 514-0010 from your cell phone or 714 mickey 9, when you hit the ground and then again when you have your baggages.

Above: discount disney store tour we get %20 off plus %50 or %70 off real price from park.

Below is our competitor. Operated by Gray Line contracted over seas owned from Ireland from 1994, by Baines Pickwick LTD. This company has appeared to make a monopoly and almost all companies you see with different names belongs to the burning buses below.

we ask you to help American companies like ours to brake the monopoly. thank you. Mickey